Defense & Maritime

High performance solutions

for defense and radar markets

eWings design team has more than 20 years expertise in the defense sector: the product portfolio starts from microwave transmitters and receivers to customized filters and duplexers and high-power amplifiers. eWings has the capability to follow the complete life cycle of a product from concept to design, development and production.


  • C-Band Tx/Rx flying modules for very long-range high data rate communications
  • 500W AC/DC Power Module for Tornado TV/TAB altitude and gun fire compliant
  • UHF Down-converter of Tornado X-band Radar
  • Galileo/GPS Multi-band Multiconstellation Front-end Receivers with low phase noise frequency agile Local Oscillators and high dynamic range. The modules are optimized against high power jammers and interferers
  • IFF 1KWatt High power High selectivity frontend
  • Obsolete part redesign and replacement


  • L-band IFF filters with 1030MHz and 1090MHz duplexer with 15dB gain for airborne communications
  • UHF and VHF digitally tuned RF filters for agile band-pass filtering used in military aircraft communication and professional radio equipments
  • UHF and VHF Harmonic filter with selectable filter matrix (30-50Mhz; 50-88MHz; 88-140MHz; 140- 225MHz; 224- 400MHz; 400-512MHz) and 100Watt Continuous Wave power input
  • 8 Channels Highly integrated digitally switchable filter. 8 bandwidths coverage from 30 to 512MHz with 40dB harmonic attenuation and 8Watt continuous wave power input
  • RF&Microwave Custom bandpass filters (inter-digitated and Substrate Integrated Waveguide)


  • X-band frequency agile up/down converter with low phase noise Local Oscillators and highpower high efficiency Solid State transmitter. Tailored for maritime applications
  • X-band multi-channel highly integrated up/down converter with BITE signal for continuous performance verification
  • X-Band 200W Pulsed Solid State Power Amplifier with high efficiency and fast ON/ OFF switching to improve reliability and thermal behavior
  • X-Band 60W High efficiency Pulsed Solid State Power Amplifier with fast gate switching, continuous current and voltage monitoring and over-current protections