New solutions and technologies

for safe railway transportations

eWings has been working for almost 15 years in the Railways scenario. Our work is mainly focused on signalling with the aim to develop new solutions and technologies for safe railway transportations and reliable infrastructures. Our products portfolio includes automatic train protection systems (both metro and railways) and trackside equipment. eWings develops also verification tools to be used directly along the railway lines from maintenance staff or from technicians in laboratories.

  • ERTMS sub-systems including both wayside and on-board equipment
  • SSC trackside and trainboard subsystems
  • In-field verification tools for SCMT,SSC,BACC signals
  • Active protection of public and private railway crossings
  • WIFI-based monitoring systems


Innovative Telemetry Systems For Data, Video And Voice Transmission

eWings has been involved in the motorsport environment for the last 10 years. Our work concerns mainly telemetry systems for data/control and voice transmission.
In conjunction with Magneti Marelli Motorsport we developed several systems with the purpose of increasing channel capacity, frequency agility and integrating new features in all-in-one radio (data, voice, control).

  • C-BAND system is a bi-directional high capacity low latency radio system for race control
  • V2X-R establishes a wireless link between the racing cars and the pit wall for very high rate full coverage realtime data telemetry
  • X-BAND system is an high capacity wireless tube that includes in one radio all motorsport services exceeding 300Mbit/s throughput


High performance solutions

for defense and radar markets

eWings design team has over 20 years expertise in the defense sector. The products portfolio starts from microwave transmitters and receivers to customized filters, duplexers and high power amplifiers.
eWings has the capability to follow the complete life cycle of a product from concept to design, development, verification and production. eWings in-house laboratory has measurements capability up to 50GHz to achieve complete product validation and release.

  • RF&Microwave transmitters and receivers
  • Frequency agile up/down converters
  • High power GasFET and GaN amplifiers
  • Digitally tuned RF filters for agile bandpass filtering
  • Custom bandpass and lowpass interdigitated and SIW filters