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About Us

eWings is a dynamic, privately owned company based in Granarolo, Italy, dedicated to the design, manufacture and maintenance of high‐quality telecommunications systems in Railway, Defense and Motorsport fields.

The company was established in 2003 to bring into the market the results of its previous research activity. eWings products and activities range from hardware platforms and software libraries for the railway sector at maximum safety integrity level (SIL4) to military long-range data rate transceivers, from complex RF filtering modules to complete telemetry systems currently operating in Formula One and in the major motorsport championships.

Since 2017 eWings belongs to Angel holding, a worldwide leading Group with more than 1000 highly skilled employees, composed by successful high-tech companies strongly involved in Transportation and Aerospace markets.

RINA - Excellence Behind Excellence

Additional Work

Product Engineering

eWings can provide also engineering services: directly from customer concept or prototype eWings develops reliable, easily manufacturable and cost-effective products.

Additional Work

Obsolete part replacement

eWings supports the customer by quickly re-manufacturing obsolete parts or by substituting discontinued components.