eWings provides highly professional support in the development of electronic products. With more than 20 engineers involved in R&D eWings guarantees support over the whole life cycle of their products and systems.


eWings aims to provide to their customers complete solutions from design to validation and production of advanced modules and sub-systems. We invest in our technical resources to follow the rapidly evolving market of telecommunications.


eWings design team, active since 1992, continuously increasing its technical skills. eWings experience is particularly relevant for performing solutions in railways, defense and space, maritime and motorsport environment.


The rapidly evolving world of TLC calls for highly qualified products, designs, and industrial services. The need to respond quickly to the market requires a tight cooperation between manufacturers and third parties services.

Quality certification

eWings is now an ISO 9001 certified company by RINA.
Download ISO 9001 cerfification and quality policy.

Featured Services

  • Analysis and evaluation of customer specifications
  • Implementation of turn-key solution based on customer needs
  • Design, development and validation process based on applicable standards
  • In-house advanced validation and testing capability
  • High quality product manufacturing using continuously trained staff
  • Use of advanced materials and assembly techniques to build reliable and innovative products
  • Possibility to develop also testing assemblies to speed up testing.
  • Failure predictions and reliability analyses

We are member of a big group

Angel Company, the Italian industrial group synonymous with scientific excellence in the world, which designs and develops high-tech solutions for the sectors: railway, space, aviation, IoT (Internet of Things), territorial survey, cyber security.
The group includes companies that are market leaders in different sectors, as: MERMEC, SITAEL, BLACKSHAPE, SIT, eWings, ANGELSTAR, MatiPay, BRIGHTCYDE, EIKONTECH.